Top Fastest Internet Browser 2011

What is fastest browser ?

today many browsers claim that they provide fastest browser to users but this is All is Not true lets one browser name “ABC” which is fast till 1 or 2 tabs/site open at one time but what will  happen when multiple tabs/sites open at one time result slow working,using maximum resources of PC that cause hang your system .actually very few browsers are safe,fastest and using minimum resources.After Lunching Internet explorer 9 Microsoft say Internet explorer 9 is fastest and securest browser which is Wrong.Internet Explorer 9 is only securest browser not fastest browser.

Which is fastest browser ?

  • which handled 100 tabs/site on single open at once .
  • which give fastest browsing either data browsing or multimedia data.
  • Which using minimum resources to Run.


No longer a fledgling upstart, Firefox is the gold standard of alternatives to the still-dominant Internet Explorer. Firefox 3.6 is full-featured, lightning fast, and secure. Its killer selection of add-ons remains strong, with built-in support for the next generation of themes, called Personas, plus the latest update makes version 3.6 about 20 percent faster than version 3.5. However, competition is strong and it can no longer be said that Firefox is the fastest browser available.

Several notable improvements in the latest revamp keep Firefox abreast of current browsing tech. In addition to the aforementioned improvements made to the TraceMonkey JavaScript engine so that it renders Web applications faster, there have also been other significant under-the-hood changes. These include: blocking third-party software from encroaching on Firefox’s file system turf to increase stability; support for the Web Open Font Format, which means many non-English browser users should have a faster time loading Web pages with downloadable fonts; and support for the File interface, which can help with tasks such as uploading multiple photos and is part of the draft HTML5-standard effort. HTML5 support debuted in Firefox 3.5. Another deeper change to the browser is that it is now running scripts asynchronously, which can help to load a Web page faster by putting off some work until the high-priority chores are complete. Firefox 3.6 also isolates out-of-date plug-ins so they do not become a security risk.

Unlike Firefox 3.5, which was more about keeping the browser current rather than blazing new trails, Firefox 3.6 is once again on the warpath. Upgrading is highly recommended.

Mozilla Firefox is ultimate browser for Linux + is fast,easier and safer browser yet.not competition available vs it


The outstanding CometBird Web browser has security, speed and new features that will change the way you use the Web. Bookmarks Auto-synchronizer makes it truth for you to use a same bookmarks collection anytime and anywhere, thousands of customization options are available for you to make CometBird at your own style, powerful security and privacy protection techniques produce a clear browsing environment for you, and intelligent password manager and smart address bar saves your time and improve the webpage view speed.

Cometbird is fast then Mozilla Firefox and easier +safer.cometbird design internally or externally by Mozilla Firefox.


Google Chrome is a browser that combines a minimal design with sophisticated technology to make the Web faster, and easier. Use one box for everything–type in the address bar and get suggestions for both search and Web pages. Thumbnails of your top sites let you access your favorite pages instantly with lightning speed from any new tab. Desktop shortcuts allow you to launch your favorite Web apps straight from your desktop.

Google chrome is only fast not securest browser and it hang when multiple tabs open some time it crash